Boat Courses for all your needs

Having the skills to put your craft right where you want it every time is one of the most important river and rescue skills you can possess. Gaining the adequate techniques can take years of experience. Taking a course in non-motorized or motorized boat handling will get you started in the right direction and decrease the learning curve so you can perform when it matters. Black Fox Rescue Institute offers several options to fit your needs.

Nonmotorized rescue boat operator course

Swiftwater Rescue boat Operator (non-motorized)

This boat operator course focuses on boat handling in class I, II, and III whitewater. Emphasis is on rescue situations and techniques. Skills can be taught on paddle guiding only, oar guiding only, or a combination of the two. 

Motorized Boat Handeling Jackson WY

Swiftwater Rescue boat Operator (motorized)

Propeller and Jet driven boat handling in class I-III is the focus of this course. Rescue techniques are emphasized. Because of the unique character of each boat and river, we only teach these courses as contract courses for your agency.