Swiftwater Rescue - Boat Handling - Ice Rescue

If your work takes you near moving water or onto the ice,

you need these skills.

Whether your line of work is science, energy, or another similar industry, the outdoors brings as many challenges as it does rewards. We are here to help you get the training and skills you need to work safely in the field.  We offer courses that address hazards encountered when working near the water, on the water, and on the ice. 

Our courses cover and emphasize:

  • Hazard Awareness

  • Prevention

  • Self Rescue

  • Coworker Rescue

  • Rescue USING equipment THAT YOU regularly CARRY

Our curriculum is based on years of experience with training students in moving water environments combined with additional feedback from our network of Rescue 3 Internationals instructor cadre. We are thrilled that you have shown interest in rescue education and look forward to working with you.