Technical Rope Rescue

Our technical ropes courses meet the requirements for the NFPA 1670 standard at Operations Level (TRR-OL) and at the Technician Level (TRR-TL) for technical rope incidents. Our classes are hands on and field oriented. A short classroom session is followed by multiple days of practical field experience. We primarly teach private courses with one department or team at a time. We believe these courses are best taught on your home turf so that you can practice where you rescue. 

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Technical Rope Rescue - Operations Level

30 Hours 625.00

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This course provides students with the fundamentals of rope rescue in the steep-angle environment. Students learn and practice pre-planning and size-up of rope rescue operations, knots, anchor systems, belay operations, ascending and descending lines, mechanical advantage systems, patient packaging and litter attending. Students will also learn how to safely navigate steep-angle or over-the-bank rescue situations and assist rescuers in high-angle environments. This course meets the requirements for the NFPA 1670 standard at the Operations level for technical rope incidents. This three-day course has 1/2 day of classroom instruction and 2 1/2 days of practical field exercise.  There is no rope training prerequisite for this course. This course is a prerequisite to the Technician Level course.

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technical Rope Rescue -Technician Level

30 Hours 625.00

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This course is designed to take students from basic over-the-bank rescues to progressively more vertical scenarios. Students learn and practice such skills as:

  • pre-planning

  • size-up and scene management

  • ascending and descending

  • belaying

  • mechanical advantage systems

  • lowering and raising systems

  • patient packaging and litter attending

  • Pickoffs

  • highlines

Completion of the TRR-TL class satisfies the requirements in NFPA 1670 for Technical Rope Technician level training. In addition, Technician level training is mandatory for inclusion on many Federal Emergency Management Agency Teams at different levels. Operations Level is a prerequisite to this course and it is the second of three courses necessary to meet the standard requirement for water.