Swiftwater Rescue for River Runners

River Rescue is the Standard


Whether you are guiding a raft professionally or running the river for fun, it is your responsibility to be prepared in responding quickly and effectively when your trip does not go as planned. The NEW River Rescue and River Rescue for the Professional courses have been developed by professionals for guides and river runners like you. Each course will allow you master to the skills you need by educating you with material beforehand and then assisting when you are ready to put that material into practice on the water. Your skilled and knowledgable ability to respond to any scenario is our focus while teaching these courses. You can expect to learn new skills and techniques covering all aspects of a trip and rescue, including:

  • Trip planning and preparation

  • Hazard recognition and avoidance

  • Self Rescue

  • Partner and or client rescue

  • Rescue techniques utilizing equipment you typically carry with you

  • Backcountry and Remote Rescue Techniques

Upon completion, you can take your certification wherever your next adventure may lead you. Your certification is recognized internationally and by all US land management agencies and State governments. The pro level is additionally recognized by the International Rafting Federation, New Zealand River Guides, and British Canoeing.


Our instructors have a passion for rescue and the certifications to prove it. In addition to years of experience each instructor has passed Both Rescue 3 International and Sierra Rescue Internationals rigorous instructor requirements. They have taken their love of technical rescue and the water and turned it into an opportunity to teach others, like yourself, what it takes to be safe on and off the water.